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Check Your Website SEO Details

You can check your website SEO details by installing a tool like Detailed SEO Extension, which will show you the title of the page, the description, the canonical and robot tags, and the keywords of a website. There are many extensions for this purpose, but the Detailed SEO Extension is our favourite. Let’s take a look at some of them. You can also check your website’s backlinks by using the Keyword Tool.

Detailed SEO Extension

A comprehensive SEO analysis tool, Detailed SEO Extension provides a rich array of insights on any web page. In addition to determining the correct URL structure, the extension analyzes URL canonicalization, keyword data, content, and duplications. It also provides structured data and relevant Core Web Vitals. For further SEO insights, the extension provides a content audit and helps improve the website’s performance. To learn more about the benefits of Detailed SEO Extension for website, read this review of its features.

Detailed SEO Extension is free and comes with a variety of features. These features include keyword-specific content analysis, schema markup, canonical checks, and word counts. It also features a powerful tool called Link Grabber, which collects links on a webpage and saves them in a file. The extension can also group links by domain or hide duplicate links. It’s a great tool for optimizing your website and making it stand out from the competition.

Google Chrome Extension

Google has its own SEO Chrome Extension called Tag Assistant. It helps to troubleshoot tag installation issues. Just add the extension to any page, and Tag Assistant will list the tags on your website and report any errors. Part of optimizing for search is improving page load times. Tag Assistant can measure your page’s loading time using Web Timing API. It also includes tools for AMP (accelerated mobile pages).

Keywords Everywhere – This extension will let you view keyword data from anywhere on the web. You can easily check competition, cost per click, and geographical popularity. You can use this tool to identify the main keyword source for any website. You can even use this extension to analyze the competition and see which keywords are working the best. This extension will give you a clear picture of your competitors’ rankings. However, you must use it carefully and not just blindly copy the data from the tool.

Detailed SEO Extension for Firefox

Detailed SEO Extension for Firefox pulls useful market research data from Google and Yahoo into your browser. The extension also has settings that allow you to turn off the SEO for Firefox logo. Detailed SEO for Firefox is an essential tool if you want to improve your search engine rankings. This add-on is free to download and install, and it also includes links to other useful marketing data sources. It is best to use this extension for research purposes, as it can cause a temporary block of data.

This extension offers a range of advanced SEO metrics for every web page, including keyword search volume, competition data, and CPC. It also lets you save and view data from 15 different websites. You can even use it to check the page’s PageRank and SEO ranking. Another SEO tool, Keywords Everywhere, lets you view data from Google Ads and 15+ other websites in one convenient tool. It can also save data on various websites, including competitor websites and your own site.

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