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Skillgaming partners with JEDSTAR!

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We are very pleased to announce SkillGaming’s first white-label ecoystem in partnership with the JEDSTAR gaming project. The white-label is called STARDOMEJEDSTAR (Token: JED, Price: $0.11, +33% 24His a revolutionary new blockchain project aimed at creating a new global in-game currency known as KRED and something gamers can earn as they play more games. It has thousands of gamers and token holders already and growing daily! This adds to millions of plays and hundreds of thousands of dollars already paid out on SkillGaming.

Play-to-earn is a big topic in gaming today and SkillGaming is empowering communities like JEDSTAR to take their ecosystem offering to the next level. STARDOME will feature over 100 games at launch with unique earn-as-you-play features such as Duel mode where gamers can face-off against other gamers around the world in timed challenges; Challenge mode, where gamers can play against the AI and earn if they beat it or War mode where thousands of gamers can join a 24 hour war and try and get the highest score and claim the prize pot! For novices, XP mode allows them to earn experience points too. Over time, the JEDSTAR team will be adding new games to the STARDOME system.

At launch, players will be able to deposit money on STARDOME using standard deposit methods (eg. Skrill, web-wallets, credit cards) and later, will be able to deposit KRED and earn KRED too!

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STARDOME comes with the world’s first Armoury which allows gamers to launch small to large-scale in-game attacks on their opponents. This takes rivalries to the next level.

The armoury isn’t only packed with offensive upgrades, however. It comes with key defensive strategies too such as Kek’s Eye which allows you to see your opponent’s Warscore in any War quickly without having to manually calculate it. Or, equip yourself with the Shield to neutralise any weapon attacks by your opponent.

You can also utilise the Radar and Cloak to hide yourself from your opponent’s line of fire and see if they are using the Shield or not. So it is a game of chess!

Armoury upgrades can be unlocked using your onsite cash in your wallet but later will be un-lockable using KRED as well!

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SkillGaming’s head of marketing, Karen Yap stated “We’ve been in talks with JEDSTAR for months and crafted a long term partnership that will touch on many facets of what is relevant and current in gaming today. Their community is growing quickly and we here at SG will love to take care of key tech for their STARDOME ecosystem so they can bring their revolutionary, innovative ideas to the $115bn + gaming industry…”

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JEDSTAR CEO Josh Gier, also known as ‘WU’, is a Singapore based serial entrepreneur that has plans to empower gamers to actually earn for the time and effort they put into gaming.

As a League of Legends, COD and PUBG fan, his focus will be empowering gamers, artists and the crypto gaming community through blockchain technology. KRED aims to be the currency within the JEDSTAR ecosystem.

According to the JEDSTAR team, since Bitcoin launched in 2009, believers in a decentralised monetary system believed that crypto would eventually replace or at least co-exist with today’s existing currencies. 11 years later, only 4% of the global population own crypto and its use case as a method of payment even less prevalent. In contrast, with the rise of mobile gaming, up to 40% of the world’s population could be considered at least casual gamers and we see the gaming industry generate over 170B revenue in 2020 (double the revenue of the music and film industry combined).

According to Josh, attempting to get crypto adopted as a currency through the traditional financial path, would hit too many hurdles (whether psychological or regulatory) and that gaming, as a global phenomenon is similar to blockchain, in the sense that it is still a relatively new space that is only just starting to explode — thereby offering huge potential for the future of crypto being adopted through games, as it is already a sector that is utilised by a demography that is technologically inclined, which lessens the learning curve. That is why they believe that Blockchain gaming, GameFi and in particular $KRED will be the tipping point for mass crypto adoption.

What makes $KRED different

1. Currency as a Service: JEDSTAR is platform and (will be blockchain) agnostic, meaning that not only will $KRED be the currency of our upcoming games, we will also be enabling game studios and developers to leverage our blockchain technology, to provide to their gamers true ownership of their in-game funds, as well as in-game rewards.

2. Marketplace as a service: the Marketplace AGORA, powered by $KRED, will enable gamers to truly own their in-game purchases and assets, radically transforming the way ownership of assets is viewed and potentially increasing the value of these assets, as they would have true value out-game

3. We give back to the community: contrarily to gaming studios, we give back to the backbone of the gaming community: the gamers and content creators/artists. All in-game assets are owned by the gamers (they could port it out of the game or even out of our platform) and content creators and artists are given royalties on each asset created every time they are sold

4. JEDSTAR DECO: $KRED is part of a 3 token Decentralised Ecosystem (DECO) that will educate and enable gamers and artists to have a better grasp and access to financial services without any centralised intermediaries or high buy-in and enable them to not only earn income through GameFi and Defi, but also take control of the narrative of our games and lore, through our governance token

In summary, JEDSTARs’ mission through our JEDSTAR DECO is to revolutionise DeFi, GameFi and NFTs by providing true utility and potential income opportunities — paving the way for crypto mass-adoption.

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Ben Jones, Chief Heart Officer (CHO) co-founder at JEDSTAR stated “… Kred is unique precisely because it is the JEDSTAR DECO’s very own GameFi currency token. It will be used as currency within our ecosystem, and as our ecosystem gains value and traction, so does Kred. We, Aier Studios, are what makes Kred unique and valuable.”

Josh, CEO of JEDSTAR stated “We believe that similar to what blockchain is trying to achieve with the financial system, it is time that we empower the people that are the backbone of the industry, in this case the gamers and artists. And it is only through decentralisation that we will be able to take back what gaming studios felt entitled to, and provide true ownership and income opportunities to those who have been really fuelling the gaming industry. And we believe that, unlike the financial industry, radical change and mass adoption is possible through gaming, and we strive every day to develop products, services, as well as educate our communities, to make this vision a reality.”

STARDOME gaming will go live in January 2022 with deep technical integration work going on currently, behind the scenes. can be found here to get a sweet, tasty preview!


The SkillGaming team!

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